How does it work?

We've streamlined our entire Grid Builder process to help build residual income in the supplement industry.


  • Earn up to 12% commission!
    No confusing BV!

  • Build residual income
    From Home!

  • Easy to Duplicate Postcard System No need to talk to

  • 5 x 5 Forced Matrix
    Compensation Plan!
    Creating Massive Spillover

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  • Promote your business through the postcard system, email, text or word of mouth.
  • Customers and potential business partners are exposed to the business through your website URL.
  • They visit your site and decide to purchase quality supplements, partner with you, or both.
  • You earn from your customers and from the sales of all of the business partners in your 5 x 5 matrix.
  • The commission you earn from your business partners is the same commission as if you sold the products yourself, 100%.
  • The products run out and everyone rebuys, creating a powerful residual income.
  • Once you've filled your 5 x 5 matrix, you have the potential to expand your business even further!

Earn up to 12% commission!

Product sales pay from 2%-12% of the retail with most paying in the 8%-10% range. No confusing BV to keep up with. You earn from your product sales and the amount you earn from those sales continue through your matrix. Meaning, if you sell a product that carries a 10% commission, you also earn 10% when that same product sells anywhere in your 5x5 matrix.

No matter who sells it! You earn the same 100%.

Build residual income from home!

All of our quality products are consumable. This means when the bottle runs out, people re-buy. Our easy to implement postcard system allows you to operate your business from home without bugging friends and neighbors. However, we fit the "word of mouth" model as well making our system easy to build and duplicate.

Easy to Duplicate Postcard System No need to talk to One...Single...Person!

We have created an easy-to-follow and duplicate direct mailing postcard system to grow your business. This allows you to quickly launch your business and reach thousands of people all over the country without having to talk to one...single...person!

Your new team members simply plug into this system and duplicate.

It's that easy.

5 x 5 Forced Matrix compensation plan!

Our 5 x 5 Forced Matrix compensation is unlike anything you've seen. You can only enroll 5 people front-line, which creates true team building by forcing sponsorship "down-line." Those who are above you are doing the same thing, which is helping you! Our commission structure pays a % of the retail cost of the product sold, not BV or Points. We evenly split the commission which means if someone in your matrix sells a product, not only do they earn but you earn the same commission also. The payout is based on the product sold, not the level it's in. It’s the true meaning of fair! You earn the same from Every...Single...Person in your team!

That's it! Follow our duplicatable system and get started building your team today!

Becoming a Grid Builder couldn't be easier. You can be up and running with your own supplement business in as little as five minutes.


If you have made it this far, that means that you’ve finished watching our video presentation and are ready to join our financially life-changing business opportunity.

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With a low startup cost ranging from $30-$105, you have access to our e-commerce tools, inventory, logistics, customer support, and merchant services. Combine that with our 5 x 5 Forced Matrix Comp plan and you have a residual income building powerhouse.

If you have any questions before enrolling please feel free to call us @803-832-2532 or email us at!